The BTL focuses on the production of renewable fuels to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thereby reduce dependence on imported oil Quebec.


The BTL performs various analyzes to determine the content of different compounds and develop analytical methods for the characterization of biomass, the identification of unknown molecules, much more.


The BTL mainly based his research on the upgrading of biomass to fuels and also aims to make processes developed at an industrial level.

Our Fields of Research

pilot of cellulose hydrolysis process
Scale-up of innovative cellulose hydrolsysis process with a production capacity of 100 000 liters of ethanol per year.
Pilot for dry reforming of methane
Scale-up of dry reforming of methane process with a conversion capacity of 40 liters of carbone dioxyde per hour.
Methane reforming reactor
Bench scale for the dry reforming of methane

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analytical chemistry laboratory
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