Service d'analyse chimique de la CRIECB

Take advantage of our expertise for your analyzes

Our Research Chair is equipped with an analytical chemistry laboratory that has high-tech equipment to perform a wide range of chemical analysis in liquid, gaseous or solid phases. Over time, our team of chemist analysts has forged a solid experience on the characterization of all types of biomass.

The Chair puts at your service its power of analysis of which some techniques are unpublished in Quebec, in particular the identification and the dosage of numerous molecules as well as the development of methods of analyzes adapted to the constraints of your samples.

Customized Chemical analyzes to your needs

High performance liquid chromatography

A fine analysis of your liquid samples:

• HPLC - RID (organic and aqueous phase)
• HPLC - UV (organic and aqueous phase)
• UHPLC - MS TOF (organic phase and aqueous)
• ion chromatography