Athlete, student… and now doctor

On October 21st 2019, during election day in Canada, our own Jean-Baptiste Beigbeder successfully defended his thesis that was aimed on bioremediation of industrial wastes. In front of the jury (Pr Bruna Rego de Vasconcelos, Pr David Chiaramonti, Pr [...]

Startup meeting – KrownCORP and BTL

On Wednesday October 9, the KrownCORP team visited the BTL for the official startup meeting of their collaborative project. The BTL is proud to support local ground-breaking initiatives such as the one driven by the KrownCORP team. You want to learn [...]

The BTL participating at the Thèse des Bois contest

On September 30th 2019 at the Pavillon Kruger of the Université Laval, Pr JMLavoie from the BTL participated as a judge on the “Thèse des bois” contest. An incredible opportunity to touch base with friends and colleagues from his alma mater, but as [...]

Lecture from Pr Rafik Naccache

On October 7th 2019, Pr Rafik Naccache from Concordia University dropped by for a visit at the Biomass Technology Laboratory. Pr Naccache showcased the work of his team on material science, most specifically on “carbon dots”. A very good opportunity [...]

Maricelly the globetrotter

After her visit in Firenze to collaborate with RE-CORD, our own Maricelly Martinez Aguilar went for a visit in Colombia in Pr Farid Chejne laboratory at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. This is the first official contact between the two teams [...]

Winter is coming… but before, let’s enjoy some apples!

Last week, the BTL team has the opportunity to visit the Gros Pierre orchard where they could participate in a classical activity in Quebec at this time of year – picking apples. After a fully narrated tour, the team got to enjoy a good [...]

Maricelly visiting Italy

Our own Maricelly was recently visiting our collaborator’s infrastructure in beautiful Italy. With the help of Ramin (right), Maricelly (left) was able to test one of RE-CORD’s own catalyst for part of her project. A nice opportunity to visit Pr [...]

Visiting Port-Daniel

On July 31st, Prs de Vasconcelos and Lavoie went to the beautiful region of Port Daniel to visit the installations of McInnis cement. An incredible opportunity to see in action this incredible engineering accomplishment as well as a good opportunity [...]

Once again… distinguished visitors

On August 14th 2019, the BTL team had the opportunity to exchange with a team from Valoris as well as with Sherbrooke’s mayor, M. Lussier. It was a great occasion to showcase what the BTL is all about, that cutting edge technologies can be developed [...]

Quebec rugby team wins the eastern Canadian championship

From the 28th to the 30th of June 2019, Jean-Baptiste Beigbeder from the Biomass Technology Laboratory represented the province of Quebec at the eastern Canadian rugby championship. Teams from Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, [...]